Custom made classical ballet tutus and other dance costumes for competitions, festivals, performance and eisteddfods.
I provide a complete service from design through to stage ready with everything personally made by me at my studio in Woodend, Central Victoria. Tiaras and matching headpieces are also available as are tutu sewing patterns and tutu making classes .
As of 2013 a fully decorated, made to order stretch tutu will cost between $300 and $450, a matching tiara between $50 and $75.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

First post

I just set this blog up today so I would have somewhere to send people who were interested in looking at pictures of my tutus. Leotard based, stretch, pull on tutus have a reputation, in some circles, for being a cheap and nasty alternative to "proper" traditionally made tutus, but I think when well made, they can look just as good, fit better in lots of cases due to the wonders of stretch fabrics and are a lot cheaper!

I have started learning how to make traditional tutus and must thank Suzanne from "Tutus that Dance" (see website in links) for the pattern for the pink and purple tutu leaping on my header (and thanks Jayde for looking so beautiful in it)! All other pictures on this site so far are of stretch tutus.

Anyone interested in sewing tutus should go to The Sewing Forum (see links) as it has a special dance section full of lovely, helpful, knowledgeable sewers from all over the world


  1. It's about time!!!! Dani you do such BEAUTIFUL tutus, so glad you are now sharing with the rest of the world..You'll be bringing up the standard in stretch tutus! Thanks for the kind comments and really looking forward taking your classes in Las Vegas! Glad the nagging paid off! Congratulationgs!!! Suzanne

  2. Dani there is nothing whatsoever cheap and nasty about your work - they stand out as works of art. It is lovely that you have showcase now so the world can see and appreciate you considerable talents